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Energy Technology and Policy

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 Schott Glass Co., Nevada Solar One GasGatheringStationYamalPeninsulaCreditGazpromDotComGreen Mountain Wind Farm

Prof. Dave Rutledge,423 Moore, rutledge AT caltech DOT edu,office: x4806; office hours 3:00-3:45pm, the day before homework is due and the day before exams.

Administrative Assistant: Dale Yee, 423 Moore, dale AT caltech DOT edu, x2251, MWF 3-5pm

Engineer: Kent Potter, 439 Moore, potter AT, x3886

Classroom: 213 Annenberg


Course Topics

1. Introduction
2. Oil, gas, and coal resources
3. California electricity policy: deregulation and alternatives
4. Transportation policy: air pollution and electric vehicles
5. Fracking and mining
6. Climate policy


Oral Presentation

Each student will prepare and give a 15-minute power-point presentation during the last week of the term. The talk should have some relation to policy. Keep an eye out during the term for a topic that interests you.

last updated December 15, 2015